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Awardees of AAD 2019 Scholarships

Aug 25 2018

Dear All,

On behalf of the IADVL EC and the IADVL Academy,  I am   pleased to announce  the list of awardees of the  AAD 2019 Scholarships .

The awardees are:

Strauss and Katz World Congress Fund Scholarship

1. Dr. Deepak Jakhar

2. Dr. Sheetanshu Kumar

Reciprocal Registration Scholarship

1.      Dr. Anuradha Jindal 

2.      Dr. Manoj Karbhari Pawar

Heartiest congratulations to the four awardees. Better luck in the coming years to all the others who had applied this year.

For Strauss and Katz World Congress Fund Scholarships, signed letters of endorsement will be provided to the above  two awardees. The awardees have to upload the abstracts themselves with the letter of endorsement from IADVL.

For Registration Reciprocal Scholarships, a signed official letter of recommendation will be provided to each nominee to attach to their online application. Further, a nomination form for each nominee will be filled up online by the Secretary General, IADVL.


Dr. K. A. Seetharam

Dr. Deepika Pandhi

(For and on behalf of IADVL Academy)

Dr. Ramesh Bhat M

Dr. Umashankar Nagaraju

(For and on behalf of IADVL EC)

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