IADVL Leadership Pipeline Committee 2022

Chairperson: Dr. Raghunatha Reddy
Convener: Dr. Surabhi Sinha

The following programmes were initiated as IADVL Presidential Initiatives Feb 2022 onwards:

1. Strategic Development Programme:

  • Conducted for chairpersons and conveners of the various IADVL Committees and IADVL EC members - 60 attendees approx.
  • Weekly sessions Over a 7-week period.
  • With a globally acclaimed leadership Coach from Atyaasaa Foundation.
  • To enable the understanding of key aspects of IADVL Presidential initiative.
  • To help build strategy, objectives, implementation and control plan for IADVL strategy in action.
  • Discussions held on vision, mission, and core values of IADVL.

2. IADVL Leadership Pipeline programme 2022:

  • An IADVL presidential initiative by Dr. Rashmi Sarkar.
  • Advertisements were sent through IADVL email and on WhatsApp groups inviting applications for the pipeline programme.
  • 21 IADVL members under the age of 50 years were selected based on the applications/ CV/ short essay.
  • 2-hour weekly sessions (virtual) starting from 7 th May 2022 - for 5 weeks with an internationally acclaimed leadership coach.
  • Certificate at the end of the programme.

3. Lectures and live interactions:

  • Lectures and live interactions with international and national dermatologists of repute held monthly.
  • The first lecture was by Dr. Ilona Freiden, Univ. of California, USA and attended by the selected applicants of the Leadership pipeline as well as the Mentorship programme.
  • It was a very well attended programme with live interaction and engaging discussions.

4. International Society CME program 2022:

  • CME programmes on various topics have been fixed up with international dermatology societies and shall be held once a month for IADVL members.
  • ASPD - April 2022
  • WDS - May 2022
  • ILDS - June 2022
  • More CME programmes are in the pipeline.


"When one finds a true Guru, one conquers half the world."

Guruderma is a unique IADVL Presidential project that connects the experience and understanding of our elders with enthusiasm and zeal of our younger generation. This novel exchange program between senior and junior dermatologists provides an ideal opportunity to interact closely with the mentor and to work on fields of mutual interest for the mentees.

Our Mentor pool comprises of some very senior and learned volunteers with areas of interest ranging from Psoriasis to HIV/AIDS. With over 122 mentee applications for the IADVL Mentorship Program, the response to Guruderma was very encouraging and phenomenal. From the applicants, 22 candidates were selected for the Mentorship and matched with mentors from the first pool based on the choices given by them in the application forms. An objective scoring system was followed for the same.

The selected mentee's will undergo six virtual Mentorship sessions with their mentors with one physical face to face meeting at a mutually acceptable schedule. A token of Rs 10,000 will be given to the mentee to meet the mentor after completion of his/her visit. An assessment will be given by the mentor and feedback by the mentee at the end of the program. A certificate will be presented by IADVL to the mentors and the mentees on completion of the program. In addition, the mentees will also get to interact with few international and national Dermatologists' engaged in leadership program from AAD,WDS and others.

With an aim of promoting growth, stimulating social responsibility and a lifelong lasting bond between the mentor and the mentee, we present to you "GURUDERMA : AN IADVL VIRTUAL MENTORSHIP PROGRAM".

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