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Announcement of SIG Dermoscopy Members

Mar 17 2018

Dear IADVL members,
 Applications were invited from IADVL Life Members (LMs) for Coordinator/Convener/Members of the SIG DERMOSCOPY for a tenure of 2 years (2018-2019). The received applications were evaluated by the selection committee consisting of President, President-Elect, Immediate Past president, Hon.Secretary-General, Academy Chairperson and Convener. The selected list was approved by IADVL EC.
 We are happy to announce the selection of the following members of this newly constituted SIG:
Coordinator- Dr (Colonel) Manas Chatterjee
Convener- Dr Balachandra Ankad

Members SIG Dermoscopy
1.     Dr. Nirmal B 
2.     Dr. Biswanath Behera  
3.     Dr. Laxmisha Chandrashekar
4.     Dr. Abhijeet Kumar Jha  
5.     Dr. Vinay K    
6.     Dr. Usha Khemani 
7.     Dr. Ananta Khurana   
8.     Dr.  Subrata Malakar  
9.     Dr. Rahul Kumar Sharma

We wish them success in furthering this field and fulfilling the goals envisaged for the SIGs by our Association.

Dr. K. A. Seetharam 
Chairperson IADVL Academy

Dr. Deepika Pandhi 
Convener IADVL Academy

Dr Ramesh Bhat
President IADVL

Dr. Umashankar Nagaraju 
Hon. Secretary-General IADVL


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