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Announcement ForR Scholarships to DERMACON 2017, Kolkata

Aug 02 2016

Dear all,

We are happy to announce 105 scholarships of Rs 10,000/- each for IADVL members, attending the DERMACON 2017,Kolkata. 35 each to LMs aged >35 yrs, LMs aged <35 yrs and PLMs...

Only registered delegates presenting a paper/poster, who have not obtained any DERMACON /MIDDERMACON , ADC or SARCD scholarship from the IADVL earlier, and have no other funding source (e.g. conference organizers, state branches, government, ICMR, pharmaceutical company, or institutions) are eligible. Those who have received fellowships/observerships earlier are eligible. Please note that IADVL members are eligible for only one national and one international conference scholarship in their lifetime .

Please mail the following to and , mentioning 'Application for scholarship to DERMACON 2017 in the subject line:

  1. Attached application form (as a MS Word document)
  2. Scanned copy of the attached declaration
  3. Abstract (as a MS Word document)
  4. Abstract acceptance letter from DERMACON 2017
  5. Brief CV (as a MS Word document)
  6. Proof of Age

The last date for application is 30-10-2016

The applications will be evaluated by independent judges and the results declared before the conference, while the grant will be disbursed on completion of the conference and submission of proof of attendance.

Dr Devesh Mishra
President, IADVL

Dr Shyamanta Barua
Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

Dr Ameet Valia
Chairperson,IADVL Academy

Dr K A Seetharam
Convener,IADVL Academy

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