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Dr. Umashankar Nagaraju


Merry Christmas and New Year greetings from the IADVL National Secretariat. I wish good health and success to all of you and your family!

It seems difficult to believe that it will be almost a year since I was installed in this responsible post during DERMACON 2018 at Kochi and I must say that the year has been most eventful. Current EC has initiated several first time activities in IADVL and I am proud to be the part of this EC. I am satisfied with the work I have done so far by introducing all these activities and implementing all existing activities under the umbrella of constitution of IADVL.

Most important collective achievement of this year is we for the first time in the history of IADVL have successfully conducted exclusive e voting without ballot paper. The election process was member friendly and we could open the results page in less than a minute which otherwise earlier the counting process used to be cumbersome taking 6-8 hours to complete! I am glad that I could execute, with the technical inputs of the web team and support of the E Voting task force. The role of election officer Dr.Deepak Parikh who guided me throughout the process helped me to complete the task smoothly and successfully. Record of 67.17 % evoting was observed which is the highest voting happened so far in the history of IADVL. I am proud to say that it is an important achievement of this year.

We have finally succeeded in buying permanent office space for IADVL at Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh. The interior work has begun and the new office is expected to be functional in 2019. We have streamlined and strengthened the various administrative processes especially the membership process. Introduction of Online Membership Application System (OMAS) for online membership process has made the process easy and faster. I have made few modifications in the OMAS to streamline the process and make the process more stringent.

I take the pleasure of informing you that the membership strength of our association is 11,563 and now IADVL has become the second largest association in the world. Over 840 membership applications and conversions have been processed since 16th August 2018.I must immensely thank generous support and cooperation of all IADVL State Secretaries. We have aligned the IADVL e-database with the IJDVL database maintained by Medknow. Hopefully, this will ensure the receipt of journal issues by all members who have updated their correct corresponding address.

One of the most pleasurable events of my secretaryship is the introduction of IADVL YUVADERMA, state branch of Residents connect which was initailted as a pilot project and has been a big hit in Karnaraka and New Delhi. Resi-Dream ebulletins entirely by the resident editorial team was released on regular basis. I congratulate all members especially Dr.Isha Narang, Convener and Dr. Saloni Katoch, advisor of resident connect.

Other first time events are appointment of Legal Retainer, IADVL made the official partner of NLEP and with the help of ITATSA, Steroid creams were included under schedule H.

IADVL Elections 2018 results were recently declared. I congratulate and welcome all Incoming EC 2019 members – President Elect Dr. Kiran Godse; Vice Presidents Balasubramanian N and Dr. Rishi Kumar Parishar; Jt. Secretaries Dr. Bhumesh Kumar Katakam and Dr Chitralekha Keisham– and eagerly looking forward to work with them this year. I must also congratulate team Hyderabad and team Chennai for winning the hosting rights for DERMACON 2020 and MIDDERMACON 2020 respectively and wish them the very best. Bidding for MIDDERMACON 2019 will be once again called on the floor as there was no bidder during election 2018 process. I specially welcome Dr.Feroz k and Dr.Rakhesh S V, who were elected unopposed for post of Hon Secretary Elect and Treasurer elect 2019 respectively for which the applications were invited for the first time in IADVL.

I am happy and proud that this year IADVL revised constitution is ready for release during DERMACON INTERNATONAL 2019, INDIA at Bengaluru. I profusely thank Dr.Arijit Coondoo, Chariperson and Dr.Anuradha Kakkanatt Babu, Convener and all other members of Constitution committee. Special thanks to Dr.Jaydev Betkerur, past chairperson of the committee for his immense contribution to complete this version of constitution. Academy of IADVL has been functioning transparently and has done tremendous job this year. I must appreciate the hard work and dedication of Dr.Seetharam, Chairperson, and Dr.Deepika Pandhi, Convener of Academy, IADVL. Skin Safar Rath, the first mega public education activity was our dream project of this year. Rath was flagged off at New Delhi on 21st December 2018 has begun to roll to cover 11000 kms in 60 days all over India with LED screen, more than 20 educational videos and pamplets. To my knowledge this is the first time happening in the history of Indian Health care awareness program. I specially congratulate Dr.Dinesh Kumar Devaraj, our Joint secretary, IADVL and Dr.Rohit Batra, Chairperson, IADVL Media Cell for planning efficiently and implementing it effectively. I urge all members to wholeheartedly participate in this public awareness activity.

On behalf of the IADVL National Executive, I take this opportunity to welcome all delegates to Bengaluru for DERMACON INTERNATIONAL 2019, INDIA and I am proud that for the first time, we are taking DERAMCON internationally. I am sure that all delegates will have an academically and culturally enriching conference and have comfortable stay here. My best wishes to all members of Team Bengaluru for a very successful event.

I must thank President Dr. Ramesh Bhat for being the guiding force throughout the year who was like a ready reckoner to me to resolve any issue and any time of the day. My special thanks to –Dr. Yogesh Marfatia and P Narasimha Rao– for their insightful suggestions based on their huge experience. The Vice Presidents – Dr. Mukesh Girdhar and Dr. Sakhiya – were always there to respond to implement IADVL EC activities. My special thanks to our Hon. Treasurer, Dr. Shashikumar B M, for his meticulous handling of the association’s finances. The Joint Secretaries - Dr. Dinesh Kumar Devaraj and Dr. Prashant Palwade were always there to shoulder the humongous secretarial workload.

I also take this opportunity to thank all committees as well as state presidents and secretaries for their constant support without which we would not have achieved all these. I look forward to work fruitfully with the IADVL EC 2019, all IADVL Committees and IADVL State Branch executives.

Long live IADVL !

Dr. Umashankar Nagaraju
Honorary Secretary General, IADVL (2018-2020)

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