Presidential Message

Dr. Jayadev Betkerur


My Dear IADVLites,

I sincerely hope the annus horriblis that was 2020 is behind us and we begin 2021 on a brighter note with most of us being snapped while being jabbed .My journey in IADVL since 2008 has been very fruitful and fascinating. It was my pleasure to have worked for our association under the guidance of many stalwarts and friends. Thank you all for giving me an opportunity to serve IADVL again. I am highly grateful to you for reposing faith in me. I will do my utmost to repay it in right earnest.

Any association functions on the basis of 3 Ses Sustaining academic excellence of membersSocial responsibility to the community & Secure the welfare of members. IADVL is doing an excellent work in the academic field. The various conferences conducted at the national, zonal and state level have enriched us. The Academy through SIGs and other groups have made tremendous effect on all members. Scholarships, Research grants, observershipsare there for all of us to use and I am happy to say that they are being used by young and old equally.

As an association we have obligations to our members and the community. We should evolve programs that will benefit the members and the community at large. Hence the theme of the association for the year 2021 is " IADVL for Community and Member Welfare". As part of this theme IADVL focuses on Educating, Enlightening and Emancipating the community about various skin related issues like epidemic of Fungal infection, Abuse and misuse of Steroids, harmful effects of over the counter treatments, misconception of diseases like vitiligo, leprosy and seeking help from qualified dermatologists.

The member welfare measures include helping them in need like illnesses, accidents and untimely death.The assistance should be substantial and easily available. Association alone cannot take up this responsibility. It should be mutual contribution from both association and members. It is my dream to evolve a scheme that benefits all IADVLites.

Lastly,Dear friendsI want -To be approachable, To be among you, To do my utmost to address your concerns, To be a Members president &To remain JB to you all.

Long live IADVL

Dr Jayadev Betkerur,
President 2021, IADVL

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