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Dr. Rashmi Sarkar


Dear Seniors, Friends and IADVL Members,

This is indeed a moment in my life which is very special,and I had been waiting for it for severalyears -a dream which I was not sure would be realised. I take this opportunity to thank each one of you for placing your faith in me and electing me to the position of IADVL President 2022.The year 2020 was the tough beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we, in IADVL, should be thankful to our members for creating history with 73.5% e-voting. Let us continue revisiting and creating history in our Golden Jubilee Year of IADVL-yes,we have completed 50 Golden years of IADVL!

I started my home work as Joint Secretary under learned IADVLPresident DrCR Srinivas Sir in 2012 , and then under two of the hugely “doer” presidents , Dr Deepak Parikh Sir (2014) and Dr Venkataram Mysore Sir (2015). I learnt a lot about administration during the two years, thanks tothem, and also from my home branch seniors, IADVL Delhi State Branch. So, today, I am glad and extremely excited to stand before you as your 50thIADVL President in 2022 and, most wonderfully, only the second woman President of IADVL in the last 50 years. I am happy to say our IADVL Committees this year will reflect a good proportion of men and women, young and seniors. What I have learnt in order to serve you better is from serving in IADVL, AAD and Women's Dermatologic Society committees and leadership.

My late father, Dr A.K.Sarkar, the Head of Biochemistry, PGI, Chandigarh, and late mother, Mrs Chhobi Sarkar, a teacher and social worker, taught us to place service before self and I carry their legacy. Which brings me to the question, that as your President, what are the unique things I can bring for you? The last years have been unpredictable, dark and disturbing factors affecting education of UGs and PGs and also our daily practice with concerns for safety of staff, patients and ourselves --along with financial concerns and mental stress. So these are my Presidential projectswhich I plan to perform with EC 2022:

1. Shakti Derma is aPresidential signature project. Keeping your practice in mind, we in IADVL have started work on the IADVL-NABH or National Accreditation Board for Hospitals Accreditationor Certification Guidelines for your standalone Dermatology Clinics as these were not there specifically. A 15-member Task Force of IADVL Members has been working with NABH through several online meetings to create easy to follow guidelines for you. The guidelines will be voluntary but enable you to have the highest standards of care for your patients in sync with international and national standards and help you fight quackery.

2. Shudha Derma is my other mission and I know that IADVL members want a strong voice against quackery. We are definitely going to project the role of True Dermatologists as the True Experts by increasing print media, social media and public awareness as to who is a “True Dermatologist”.

3. The IADVL Theme this year is “Fifty Years of IADVL-Building future leadership and International Collaborations”. We do need to work andinvest hugely on future leaders of IADVL from our younger and middle level members. I am happy to announce that we would have our Bhavishya Derma -Signature LeadershipPipeline Program of IADVLfor formally training the skill sets of leaders. This will include lectures from international and national leaders of dermatologyalso. For our senior members andChairs and Conveners of Committees, we have for the first time planned a Strategic Development Program which will revisit our Mission and Vision and Strategies for the future of IADVL.

4. We began Guruderma in 2014 butwill now implement it strongly.This is a one-of-a-kind mentorship program, which goes beyond just teaching.It is a unique exchangeprogram between senior and junior dermatologists. This will be virtual, ona digital platform, with a one time physical meeting with the mentor. The mentee, in turn,also looks after the senior at conferences and other functions.

5. Vishwa Derma or increasing our Global Collaborations - We will collaborate with international leaders to play a role in our Leadership Pipeline Program and Mentorship Programs.I would like to focus on different dermatology societies and bring them in your midst nearer home, virtually.

6. Which brings me to address what a lot of IADVL Members face --the possibility of burnout. We plan to address that by addressing leadership skills,staff training and mental stress of postgraduates.

7. Shiksha Derma: Let me bring three new avenues of learning: the 50 Golden Jubilee Podcasts, pan Indian workshops and teaching modules of Injectables-fillers and botulinum toxin; and modules on biologicals.

8. Last,but not the least, we will be celebrating the Golden Jubilee Year of IADVL locally,nationallyand internationally with :Special coffee table books on our rich history ;Coffee Table Book: Dermo Kaleidoscope: our personal and professional inspirationalstories;Revival of the IADVL Archival Project;;Undergraduate Quiz to create a greater buzz about our speciality;Celebration of a Golden Jubilee Scientific CME sometime Mid-Year with felicitation of the architects of IADVL and Golden Jubilee session in Mid Dermacon, Dermazones and also Dermacon International, Mumbai ;Recognition of Member Volunteers in IADVL

9. Finally, let us bring happiness back in our lives and explore a spate of extra curricular activities that interest dermatologists. Let “Dermatalent Committee” focus on recognizing talents of IADVL Members in arts and also sports,pandemic willing.

Let us strive to bring positivity back in our lives and to combat the challenging Pandemic times with creativity,intelligence, innovations and humour. Let us remember with love and respect all our IADVL members we lost recently. I pay my respect to my late parents.I am thankful to my family for everlasting support!

As your President IADVL, Ibelieve in the Ubuntu philosophy, “I stand for We.”

Long live IADVL

Dr Rashmi Sarkar,
President 2022, IADVL

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