Presidential Message

Dr. Ramesh Bhat


Dear all,
I consider this as a great moment in my life. I began my journey in IADVL as a humble soldier and with your affection and blessings today I am taking over as the National President of our prestigious association which is incidentally the 2nd largest Dermatology association in the world.

I sincerely express my gratitude to all my seniors, elders, all past presidents and secretaries and also seek their blessings. I fondly remember my journey in National IADVL as joint secretary when Dr. Kuriyipe was the President. I have witnessed the commitment of our executive committee members over the years.

I sincerely thank my family who have wholeheartedly supported all my IADVL endeavours. My sincere thanks to fellow colleagues in the Department and IADVL Karavali.

The IADVL is expanding in all directions. I would like to enhance the visibility of association at a community and global level. I request all members to log in to the IADVL website and also become e – voters. The time has to come to say farewell to postal ballots

Over the years we have enhanced observership centres, scholarships for National and International conferences and have initiated PG dissertation grants, award papers and an exclusive dissertation section in IJDVL. With WCD around the corner I request all the members to take advantage of the numerous scholarship opportunities. From this year onwards IDOJ will be available in print version also which will enhance the scope of this MCI recognized publication. The various academic programmes initiated will continue this year and I solicit the enthusiastic participation of our esteemed members. Our efforts will continue with the medical council to reduce the number of required beds per unit in our day care oriented speciality. One year fellowship courses under National Board in various Dermatology sub specialities is the need of the hour and I will pursue our efforts in realising this ambition

IADVL – DERMAPRACTICE will be developed in lines with IADVL Academy, which will enhance the support to practising Dermatologists. Our representation to Insurance agencies to include our admissions and biologic therapies for life threatening problems like pemphigus and psoriasis under health insurance, will be vigorously followed up. The uniform clinical practice software (DERMACLINIC) implementation will be continued this year. This will improve all data collection and will result in .widening our participation in Global Dermatology.
We request all our life members to become DVL Welfare Trust members, which is a social security scheme for and from members.

Community activities : In view of epidemics of fungal infections and topical steroid abuse, community awareness programmes are imperative. Our people connect cell will work actively with ITATSA & ITART to spearhead this activity. I also request all the members to avoid supporting irrational and unscientific steroid and antifungal preparations. It is disheartening to note that there are nearly 353 clobetasol, antifungal, antibacterial preparations in the Indian market detrimental to Indian Skin Health. My sincere request is -to all pharmaceutical companies to stop manufacture of these preparations. IADVL will fight against these combinations at a community, bureaucratic and industry level.

Even though Leprosy cases have reduced in number, it is alarming to note more lepromatous/ histoid and paediatric cases. Our request to the Central Government is to consider IADVL as a NLEP partner. We should also conduct skin camps especially in rural areas.

It is very disturbing to note that our profession is being treated in a step motherly attitude. Powerful forces with vested interests inimical to our profession are seeking to apply poorly conceived constraints on our practices. We will fight these problems in association with IMA and the newly found organized medicine, academic guild of India.

But we should also uphold the dignity of our profession – the need to practice ethically and responsibly. The most important aspect is to develop empathy for our patients. It is unfortunate to note that our speciality is the most invaded speciality by all and sundry to cash on the new found fascination for fair skin. A tsunami of quackery is creeping into our speciality. Our own members should desist from training and empowering these so called Cosmetologists.

I would like to enlist my priorities this year.
Scholarships, awards, PG Teaching
Teachers – Journals, Research grants, Decreased bed occupancy percentage per unit
Practising Members – fight against quackery, community programs, education and counselling, leprosy work, Fight against topical steroid abuse and Demratophytosis.
Association : Our own land, Registration of logo and conference names, applying for IT exemption.

We all invite you all for DERMACON INTERNATIONAL in NAMMA BENGALURU next year.

My sincere thanks to TEAM Kerala for their commitment and efforts to ensure that you will experience a great congress in our Gods own country.

As we move forward let us hope to have a constructive, productive and fulfilling journey which will ensure a more effective advocacy of our ambitions and aspirations for a healthier skin- worldwide.


Dr. Ramesh Bhat
President, IADVL (2018)

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