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"Announcement of membership in IADVL ACAD Google group for academic discussions "

May 08 2020

Dear members,
On behalf of IADVL we invite each and every one of you to the newly formed IADVL ACAD e-group "".
Kindly note that this new ACAD Google group shall serve as the official e-group meant strictly for academic discussions of IADVL life members. 
As this is a private group, those who wish to join the group may send a request for the same.

Please follow the steps given below to join this group:

1. Sign in to Google Groups.
2. In the box at the top, enter “ACAD_IADVL".
3. To join the group, click Join group or apply to join group.
4. The group owner/ moderator needs to approve your application before you can join the group.
5. Once your application is approved you shall get a confirmation email. 

If you do not get a confirmation mail within 2 weeks of application or if you find any difficulty in joining the group kindly send a mail to Dr K Feroz, Hon,Secretary General,(  with a copy to Dr Anuradha Kakkanatt Babu , Joint Secretary & Moderator IADVL ACAD e-group (

Kindly sign in using your email ID which is registered in the IADVL database and mention your LM number in the request. 

We seek your kind co-operation and hope this new e-group shall serve as platform for our members to stay united, learn and grow.

Thank you.
Long Live IADVL!
Dr Kiran Godse
President, IADVL
Dr Feroz K
Hon.SecretaryGeneral , IADVL
Dr Anuradha Kakkanatt Babu
Joint Secretary, IADVL 
Moderator IADVL E-group

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