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Announcement for International Dermatopathology Observership 2019

Dec 26 2019

Dear Members,

Applications are invited from IADVL members resident in India for Dermatopathology observerships at the following centres: 

1. University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Dermatopathology Service, San Francisco, California, USA

             Director: Dr Philip Le Boit 

             UCSF Dermatopathology

            1701 Divisadero St. #280

            San Francisco, CA 94115

2. MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA

             Director: Dr Victor G. Prieto, MD, PhD 

             Department of Pathology

             UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

             1515combe Blvd Unit 85

             Houston TX 77030

3. Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

  Director: Dr Omar Sanguieza 

  Department of Pathology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
   Winston Salem, NC 27157

4. Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan 

Director: Dr Yu-Hung Wu, MD 

Asst. Professor, Dept of Dermatology

             Director, Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

             Mackay Memorial Hospital, No 92, Sec 2, Chung Shan N Road

             Taipei, Taiwan 

             (Selected candidates  pay tuition fee  NT$10,000 per month)

5. National Skin Centre, Singapore

             Director : Dr TAN Suat Hoon

             Clinical Assoc. Professor

             Director, NSC

             Mandalay Rd, Singapore 308205

             (Selected candidates  pay administration fee of Approximately Singapore $ 500/-)


These are observerships, with the date of commencement and the duration being decided by the centre and the applicant. The IADVL will pay a maximum of six candidates in a year a scholarship/stipend of Rs 1,00,000 each. No stipend would be provided by centres, but they have agreed to waive off the course fees except administrative fee of NT$10,000 per month at Taiwan centre and of Approximately Singapore $ 500/-)


 The scheme is open for Life Members resident in India. PLMs who have passed their examination may apply, but would be required to convert to LM before they are awarded the scholarship. Persons who have shown interest in dermatopathology (i.e. presented or published papers) or worked in the field of dermatopathology or in academic positions may be preferred.  Candidates are expected to possess appropriate travel requirements such as passport, permission to avail leave for the required period (if employed), etc. The candidates would get a certificate from the centre on completion. They are expected to participate in IADVL SIG Dermatopathology activities and serve the dermatopathology needs of the members and the community on their return. 

Process of application: Candidates will have to apply using the attached application form with their detailed CV and also indicate their preferred centre from the above. The last date of application is 15th January, 2020. Candidates will be selected by SIG Dermatopathology. Results would be announced by 30th January, 2020. 

The selected candidates will be given a recommendation letter from the IADVL for an Obsevership at that centre and they will then have to apply to the concerned centre and discuss the date, duration and other details of the course.  Candidates will be expected to submit a report on the fellowship on completion. Please note that it will take at least six months to one year for the formalities to be completed and that all arrangements, including travel, visa and accommodation, will have to be made by the candidates.

Please fill up and send the attached form to and to by 15th January 2020.

 Dr Maitreyee Panda and Dr Ananta Khurana

IADVL Observerships Coordinators


Dr K.A.Seetharam                                                                         Dr Deepika Pandhi

Chairperson,IADVL Academy                                              Convener, IADVL Academy

Dr. P. Narasimha Rao                                                             Dr Umashankar Nagaraju

President, IADVL                                                            Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

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