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IADVL Group Insurance Scheme

Mar 23 2019

“Making IADVL more member friendly”

IADVL is launching “Group accident insurance scheme for all Life members of IADVL from 1st April 2019". This is first time that IADVL is embarking on  a fully centrally funded member welfare activity. As you are already aware this benefit is going to be extended to all Life members (LM) of IADVL. 

  Why ‘group accident insurance policy’ for members’?

1.      It takes care of the member.

2.      It has death and disability benefit up to 15 lakhs per member

3.      It also covers hospitalization charges as well up to 2 lakhs

4.      It supports family/dependents in case of a sad event, financially

5.      It would be a gesture of benevolence from IADVL to its members, who are it’s large family.

  Details of Accidental Insurance Coverage

o   Applicable all LM of IADVL  from age 25 to 80 years

o   Capital Sum Insured (CSI) 15 Lakhs

a) Accidental Death - 100% Capital Sum Insured (CSI) 15 Lakhs per member

b) Permanent Total Disablement - 100% Capital Sum Insured

c) Permanent Partial Disablement – 50% of the CSI as mentioned in policy terms and conditions

d) Temporary Total Disablement - Rs 5,000 compensation per week upto maximum of 100 weeks

e) Accidental Hospitalisation Expenses -  Max of Rs 2 Lakh per member 


This scheme would be enforced from 1st April 2019.

To make this policy applicable to all LM members, we at our head office have the basic information of all life members registered for e-voting.  However, we seek additional information mentioned below from all of you so that, updated information can be provided to insurance agency as and when needed. 


Hence request you to provide us on top priority your individual information in the below mentioned format by email to the, or to your state IADVL secretary's official  email ID.

Members are requested to fill the nomination form (attached) as well.  It will be required when it is necessary.  To be duly filled and sent to your Hon. Secretary, state Branch.  And one signed copy to be kept with you.


Dr P Narasimha Rao                               Dr Umashankar Nagaraju

President,IADVL                                     Hon. Secretary General,IADVL

IADVL Group Accident Insurance Scheme - Form. Download FAQs
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