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Jan 24 2019

Dear State Presidents/Secretaries, 

As we discussed during State President and Secretary meeting,  following  overwhelming response from pilot project of YUVADERMA, state wing of RESIDENT CONNECT  held last year in Karnataka and Delhi branch, now  IADVL National wishes to extend YUVADERMA,to each state.

I  congratulate Dr Saloni Katoch (Adviser) and Dr Isha Narang (convener)  of Resident connect for their humongous contribution and taking it to next level. 

Currently, I am happy to introduce our next convener- Dr.Preethi Nayak who will surely do the justice to the post and extend YUVADERMA to all states. Dr.Isha Narang, however, will be serving as Adviser of RESIDENT CONNECT and guide Dr.Preethi Nayak and myself will be continuing  as Chairperson.

I hereby urge all states to initiate YUVADERMA, State branch of RESIDENT connect to strengthen the voice of residents at your states and create a platform for them to expose their hidden talents.

The module has been attached for your reference on which YUVADERMA functions. 

Kindly mail  us the name and contact details of Convener (LM completed PG within 2 years)  and 5 members (residents) of your state  YUVADERMA.

You may write to Dr.Preethi Nayak (, Ph : 9945890203) with the subject titled: "YUVADERMA- STATE NAME"  without disturbing the group on or before 5th February 2019.

Warm Regards,
Dr Umashankar Nagaraju
Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

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