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Agenda for the Combined Central Council and Annual General Body Meeting for the Closing Year 2018

Jan 12 2019

Venue: IADVL Hall, Clarks Exotica Research and Spa, Bengaluru

Date: 17th January 2019 | Time: 12:00 PM – 05:00 PM


1. Condolences

2. Welcome remarks by the IADVL President 2018 - Dr. Ramesh Bhat

3. Confirmation of minutes of AGBM held at Kochi in January 2018

4. Confirmation of minutes of CCM held at New Delhi in August 2018

5. Adoption of annual report of the Hon. Secretary General for 2018 - Dr. Umashankar Nagaraju

6. Adoption of the audited accounts for the FY 2017-18 by the Hon. Treasurer - Dr. Shashikumar BM

7. Consideration of proposals of IADVL EC 2018

8. Discussion and adoption of audited accounts of DERMACON 2018 - Dr. Faizal

9. Discussion and adoption of audited accounts of MID DERMACON 2018 - Dr. Praveen A J S

10. Adoption of the annual report and accounts IJDVL - Dr. Saumya Panda

11. Adoption of the annual report and accounts of IDOJ - Dr. Sunil Dogra

12. Adoption of the annual report and accounts of DVL trust – Dr. Chetan Patel

13. Discussion and adoption of IADVL Vision and Mission, IADVL logo, IADVL color and IADVL Song

14. Discussion on building maintenance of proposed office

15. Consideration and Adoption of contribution of canixa towards 3rd IADVL oration and call it as IADVL CANIXA Oration

16.Consideration of DERMACON Review committee- Dr.Yogesh Marfatia

17.Announcement of the names of the IADVL Observership Awardees

18. Consideration of report and recommendations of

a) IADVL Constitution Committee – Dr. Arijit Coondoo/Dr. Anuradha Kakkanatt Babu

               b) IADVL Finance Committee - Dr. . Rajib Gogoi /Dr Shashikumar BM

c) IADVL Academy of Dermatology - Dr. K. A. Seetharam/Dr. Deepika Pandhi

d) IADVL Awards Review Committee – Dr. Rajeev Sharma/Dr. Krina Patel

e) IADVL SOP Committee -Dr Shyamanta Barua/Dr Shital Poojary

f) IADVL International Liaison Committee – Dr. Venkataram Mysore/Dr. Rashmi Sarkar

g) IADVL Taskforce Against Topical Steroid Abuse (ITATSA) – Dr. Shyam Verma/Dr. Akshay Jain

h) IADVL Taskforce Against Recalcitrant Tinea (ITART) – Dr. Madhu Rengarajan/Dr. Manjunath Shenoy

i) IADVL Taskforce Against Quackery (ITAQ) – Dr. Putta Srinivas/Dr. Rajesh Buddhadev

19. Discussion and Adoption of Find a dermatologist module integrated to the IADVL website

20.Discussion about mankind issue

21. Bidding for MIDDERMACON 2019-On the floor

22. Ratification of election results to be declared by IADVL Election Officer 2018 - Dr. Deepak Parikh

23. Installation of new office bearers

24. Announcement of various Committees for the year 2019

25. Any other matter with the permission of chair (not more than two items)

26. Closing remarks by the IADVL President 2019 - Dr. P. Narasimha Rao

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