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Announcement of Selected Editors

Jan 05 2019

Dear IADVL members,

Applications were invited from IADVL Life Members (LMs) for Editorship of:

• Text book of Dermatopathology  

• Handbook on Tips for Aesthetic Procedures 

• 2nd Edition of Recent Advances in Dermatology

The received applications were evaluated by the members of the Academy Textbook advisory committee- (Dr Ramesh Bhat, Dr P Narasimha Rao, Dr YS Marfatia, Dr Umashankar, Dr Sunil Dogra, Dr KA Seetharam and Dr Deepika Pandhi) using a pre-decided, approved evaluation sheet. The list of Editors (attached list) based on the mean score obtained, has been approved by the IADVL EC.

Our best wishes to the Editorial teams for these books and hope that these  comprehensive books will fulfill our association’s aim of providing physicians with ready sources to update their knowledge and enrich their practice.


Dr K.A.Seetharam                                    Dr Deepika Pandhi                         

Chairperson, IADVL Academy             Convener, IADVL Academy           

Dr Ramesh Bhat                                     Dr P Narasimha Rao                       

President, IADVL                                    President Elect, IADVL

Dr Umashankar Nagaraju

Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

Selected Textbook Editors 2018
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