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Announcement on Academy Membership 2019-2020

Nov 23 2018

Dear IADVL Members,

Applications are invited from IADVL Life Members for 3 vacancies for Membership of the IADVL Academy for 2019-20  

 The eligibility is all life members having 8 years of experience after their postgraduate qualification. Those who have been members earlier are not eligible. 

While this is a prestigious assignment, reflecting seniority, experience, expertise and most importantly, commitment to the IADVL, it is also a responsibility, for the planning and execution of the association’s academic endeavors. In addition to collective duties (e.g. evaluation of orations, and observership centers and applications for observership or scholarships, etc) members will also be assigned various administrative activities, as follows (under the supervision of the Academy Chairperson and Convener and IADVL EC):


1.  DERMACON/MIDDERMACON scientific responsibilities: All applications for orations are to be screened by members as per criteria.

2.  IADVL Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

a. Liaison with SIGs for organizing symposia, seminars, workshops and DERMACON/MIDDERMACON sessions; promotion of research; and publication of pamphlets and booklets:  For all SIG related activities each member may be asked to coordinate with a specific SIG (as per his expertise) in all its activities - preparation of SIG agenda, implementation of program and assessment of performance of SIG.

b. Evaluation of SIGs: Members may need to evaluate SIGs periodically and recommend action to the IADVL based on the evaluation.

3.  IADVL Observerships

a. Applications: Screening, evaluation, monitoring and feedback

b. Observership  Centers: Selection and scrutiny

4.  ACADEMY and SIG web-pages: Maintaining the web-pages and moderating the e-groups

5.  Research Grants:  Inviting, awarding, monitoring, reporting.

6.  Miscellaneous

a. Patient information leaflets: Preparing patient information leaflets for all major dermatoses relevant to India

b. MCI Issues: The Academy members may be deputed to assist the IADVL National Executive in interactions with the Medical Council of India (MCI)

c. Research Bank: Members may be asked to prepare a bank of research and thesis topics for each sub-specialty in consultation with concerned SIG

d. Any other activity: The members of the Academy shall carry out any other academic duty assigned to the Academy by the IADVL President from time to time. Being responsible for the overall planning and organizing of the academic activities of the IADVL, they are free to submit any ideas on any academic matter for discussion and approval.

Administrative responsibilities:

1.  Liaison with SIGs (with the designation of 'IADVL SIG Coordinator', who would liaise with SIGs to ensure their optimal functioning)

2.  Coordination of Grants (with the designation of 'IADVL Research Grants Coordinator', who would coordinate the process of application, disbursement and monitoring of all IADVL Research Grants)

3.  Supervision of Patient information pamphlets, Academy/SIG bulletins and books (with the designation of 'IADVL Academy Publications Coordinator', who would oversee the publications of the IADVL Academy & SIGs)

4.  Coordination of Observerships (with the designation of 'IADVL Observerships Coordinator', who would coordinate the Observership Centre applications, Observership applications and their monitoring, disbursement and issuance of certificates)

5.  Coordination of Scholarships (With the designation of 'IADVL Scholarships Coordinator’, who would coordinate the Scholarship applications and their monitoring, disbursement and issuance of certificates)

6.  Coordination of IADVL Online Lecture series (with the designation of 'IADVL Online Lecture Series Coordinator', who would be responsible for coordinating the selection of faculty and webcasting of IADVL Online Lecture Series)

7.  Coordinate of IADVL Postgraduate activities (with the designation of 'IADVL Postgraduate Activities Coordinator' who would be responsible for monitoring Postgraduate thesis grant and postgraduate thesis based award session.

8.  Coordinate feed on website as IADVL Academy website coordinator


Those interested are requested to fill in the attached application form and mail it with a brief CV to and by 15th December, 2018.


Dr. Ramesh Bhat M.

President, IADVL

 Dr  P Narasimha Rao

President Elect, IADVL


Dr. Umashankar Nagaraju

Secretary General, IADVL

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