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Announcement of Selected Projects for IADVL Research Grants - 2018

Sep 21 2018

Dear All,

Applications were invited for grants for projects in dermatology, leprosy and STIs. The blinded application was evaluated by the jury during the Academy meeting, which was held on 14th July 2018 at New Delhi. Various aspects including funding, sample size, methodology, novelty, feasibility and ethical issues were taken into consideration while deciding the research grants.  Each of the received 34 projects was scored by the Academy members. The projects were ranked according to the summated scores. 

The following projects are provisionally selected for IADVL- Research Grant-2018:

Title of the Project

Applicants and Institute

Amount  Sanctioned


CB-NAAT: Its clinical utility in diagnosing cases of cutaneous tuberculosis and assessing rifampicin resistance

Dr Srishti Tripathi

Dr. Parul Verma

Dr.Swastika Surya

Dr.Amita Jain

Dr. Atun Singhai

King George Medical College, Lucknow.






A randomized, investigator-blinded, placebo-controlled, split-head pilot study to evaluate the effects of autologous platelet-rich plasma on hair growth and lesional T-helper and T-regulatory cells expression markers in alopecia areata.




Dr Neetu Bhari

Dr.VK Sharma

Dr.Vishal Gupta

Dr.Anita  Parihar

Dr.Suman Jain


All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi




Understanding the role of Th17 Pathway In The Pathogenesis of Congenital Non-Syndromic Ichthyoids





Dr Rahul Mahajan

Dr. Biman Saikia

PGIMER, Chandigarh



Clinical implementation of Thiopurine methyl transferase genotype and phenotype testing in dermatology: Gateway to personalized medicine or a jump on the bandwagon?


Dr Sivaranjini Ramasammy

Dr. Laxmisha Chandershekar

 Dr.Rajappa Medha

Dr. Jayanthi  Mathayan


 JIPMER, Puducherry



Delving into the pathogenic role of pesticides in pemphigus- to compare anti-desmoglein antibodies titres and anti- M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antibody titres as surrogate markers for pemphigus between subjects who are occupationally exposed and not exposed to pesticides.




Dr Dipankar De

Dr. Divya Kamat

Dr.Ravindra Khaiwal

Dr.Siby John

Dr.Arnab Pal

Dr.Kamal Kishore


PGIMER , Chandigarh




Oral bacterial microbiome analysis by PCR and salivary Interleukin 17 estimation in Oral Lichen Planus(OLP)




Dr Ashwini PK

Dr  Akhila Prashanth

JSS, Mysore




Pilot study to observe the effect of “ soap puva” therapy in treatment of psoriasis


Dr Satish B Pai

Dr.  Varsha Shetty

 KMC Hospital, Manipal




A prospective study of correlation of acetylcholine receptor antibody titres with clinical activity in pemphigus disease




Dr Anuradha Jindal

Dr. Raghvendra Rao

KMC, Hospital Manipal




Assessing the phenotypic and biochemical characteristics of male patients with early androgenetic alopecia and hormonal milieu resembling polycystic ovarian disease.




Dr Vinay Keshavmurthy

Dr.Sunil Dogra

Dr.Tarun Narang

Dr Naresh Sachdev

PGIMER  Chandigarh




Elucidating the dermatophyte spectrum through rapid multiplex pcr and detection of antifungal drug resistance caused by mutations in squalene epoxidase and 14-demethylase gene



Dr Jyoti Jayaraman

Dr. Sukuma RD


Dr.Meryl Sonio Ruberro

Father Muller Medical College,








To Study the fate of arrector pili muscle in patients with androgenetic alopecia following  hair, transplantation


Dr.Madura C

Kusuma MR

Cutis Clinic, Bangalore




We extend our congratulations to the recipients of the selected projects.

Dr Yasmeen Bhat/ Dr Rajyalaxmi Konathan
IADVL Research Coordinators (IADVL Academy)

Dr K.A.Seetharam                                  Dr Deepika Pandhi
Chairperson, IADVL Academy              Convener, IADVL Academy
Dr Ramesh M Bhat                                 Dr Umashankar Nagaraju
President, IADVL                                      Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

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