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Announcement of Speakers for Omnicuris Module on Superficial Cutaneous Mycosis

Aug 18 2018

Dear Members,

Applications were called for speakers for video lecture modules through Omnicuris on -Superficial Cutaneous Mycosis. There were 8 selected topics. The received applications were evaluated by Academy members using a pre-decided scoring sheet laying emphasis on the applicants experience and expertise in the subject. The following list of speakers has been approved by the IADVL EC.

Module Title

Speaker Name


Overview of Cutaneous Mycoses

·       Current scenario

·       Changes in the epidemiological trends

·       Special emphasis on tinea and pityriasis versicolor

·       Mycology of cutaneous mycosis-Special emphasis on dermatophytes and malassezia species


Dr. Ramesh M Bhat


Pathogenesis of Cutaneous Mycoses: New Concepts

·       Genetics

·       Immunology

·       Influence of social & environmental factors including corticosteroid abuse)


Dr. YS Marfatia


Clinical Features of Cutaneous Mycoses

·       Special emphasis on new variants and atypical tinea presentations along with Cases/Clinical Photos


Dr.Manjunath Shenoy


Laboratory Diagnosis of Cutaneous Mycoses – for Clinicians

·       Conventional diagnosis

·       Molecular diagnosis

·       Antifungal sensitivity


Dr. Shital Poojary


General measures and topical therapy in cutaneous mycosis 

·       Role of fomites and its management

·       Practical use

·       Novel drug delivery system



Dr. Ananta Khurana


Systemic therapy of cutaneous mycosis

·       Special emphasis on choice of agent

·       Dosimetry

·       Synergistic combinations

·       Bioavailability of drugs



Dr. Madhu Rengarajan


Treatment of Dermatophytosis in Special Scenario

·       Pregnancy

·       Infants and children

·       Elderly

·       Medical comorbidities

·       Immunosuppressed



Dr. Archana Singal


Management of Recalcitrant Dermatophytosis


Dr. Kabir Sardana

They will now be invited to deliver the Omnicuris Online Lectures; the link for which will be available on the website.

Best Wishes

Dr K A Seetharam                                        Dr Deepika Pandhi

(Chairperson IADVL Academy)                   (Convener IADVL Academy)

Dr Ramesh Bhatt                                         Dr Umashankar Nagaraju

(President, IADVL)                                        (Hon’ Secretary General,IADVL)

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