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Invite to Apply for Speakers- Omnicuris Lecture on Superficial Cutaneous Mycosis

Jul 24 2018

Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform you that IADVL is planning to host video lecture modules through Omnicuris on topics of current dermatological importance for the benefits of the members. The first in this series will be on Superficial Cutaneous Mycosis. There are 8 topics; each topic  will be of 30-minute duration which will be followed by 10 MCQs. The members will have to watch the videos and solve the MCQs. Qualified members will get 1 CME credit hours from the State Medical councils. We express our thanks to the members of IADVL task force against recalcitrant tinea (ITART) for identifying the topics.

Members who are interested to deliver these lectures can apply in the attached application format and send it along with your brief CV to the Hon secretary General at and to the Academy at  by 30th July 2018. The IADVL EC and Academy will select the speakers based on the experience and expertise in the subject of the applicant. 

Modules: Superficial Cutaneous Mycosis

1. Overview and evolving epidemiology of cutaneous mycoses

(Current scenario and changes in the epidemiological trends, special emphasis on tinea and pityriasis versicolor)

2. Mycology of cutaneous mycosis: traditional & new concepts

(Special emphasis on dermatophytes and malassezia species)

3. Pathogenesis of cutaneous mycoses: new concepts

(Genetics, immunology, influence of social & environmental factors including corticosteroid abuse)

4. Clinical features of cutaneous mycoses 

(Special emphasis on new variants & atypical tinea presentations)

5. Laboratory diagnosis of cutaneous mycoses – for Clinicians.

(Conventional diagnosis, molecular diagnosis, antifungal sensitivity)

6. General measures and topical therapy in cutaneous mycosis 

(Role of fomites and its management, practical use, novel drug delivery system)

7. Systemic therapy of cutaneous mycosis

(Special emphasis on choice of agent, dosimetry, synergistic combinations, bioavailability of drugs)

8. Treatment of dermatophytosis in special scenario

(Pregnancy, infants & children, elderly, medical comorbidities, immunosuppressed)


Best wishes,

Dr K A Seetharam                                                Dr Deepika Pandhi

(Chairperson IADVL Academy)                             (Convener IADVL Academy)

Dr Ramesh Bhatt                                                  Dr Umashankar Nagaraju

(President, IADVL)                                                 (Hon’ Secretary General, IADVL)

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