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Announcement of Selected Abstracts for Postgraduate Thesis Based Award Session at MIDDERMACON 2018

Jul 06 2018

Dear All,
Applications were invited for Postgraduate thesis based award session at MIDDERMACON 2018 to be held at Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu from  Friday 10th August to Sunday 12th August, 2018.The twelve proposals received were evaluated by the members of IADVL Academy and the following Ten projects have been approved:





Dr. Indu Kumari

Study of transplantation of autologous non-cultured epidermal cell suspension mixed with HPMC in the treatment of non-healing chronic wound.


Dr. Madhu Veluru

Clinical and Epidemiologic study of Acquired Hypopigmented lesions in children


Dr.Haritha Kollipara

Lipodermatosclerosis – A clinical and histopathological study


Dr.Nikhila PK

Occupational dermatoses in underwater workers in a seaside area– an observational study


Dr. Geetali Kharaghoria

Role of dermatoscopy of nail (onychoscopy) in the diagnosis of nail lichen planus (NLP): A pilot study


Dr.Rajni Sharma

Therapeutic efficacy and safety of oral tranexamic acid and that of tranexamic acid local infiltration with microinjections in patients with melasma: a comparative study


Dr.Neha Taneja

A study of spontaneous repigmentation and disease quiescence (stability) in vitiligo


Dr.Yasdeep Singh

A randomized study to assess and compare the efficacy of cyclosporine versus azathioprine in the treatment of chronic refractory urticaria


Dr.Deepika Yadav

A study of histopathological features of androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata by horizontal sections of scalp biopsies


Dr.Dilipchandra Chintada

Identification of fungal strains among dermatophytic infections with clinical evidence of resistance to antifungal therapy and evaluation of their sensitivity patterns in vitro to various antifungals used

The instructions for the session will be sent to each selected candidate. Please note that there are 3 awards for this session and the winners (both the guide and postgraduate) will be awarded with certificates and Rs 10000, 8000, 5000 each for the first, second and third prize respectively. We look forward to an interesting session and convey our good wishes to all the selected candidates

Dr KA Seetharam                                       Dr Deepika Pandhi
Chairperson, IADVL Academy                  Convener, IADVL Academy


Dr Ramesh Bhat                                          Dr Umashankar Nagaraju
President, IADVL                                        Hon. Secretary General, IADVL


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