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Applications for AUTHORS to " A Hand book of Geriatric Dermatology

Aug 07 2017

Dear All,

The IADVL Academy intends to publish ‘A Handbook of geriatric dermatology’ as an IADVL Presidential Project this year.

On behalf of the EC and the Academy, we are pleased to invite IADVL Life Members to apply for authorship of the following chapters for this book: 

Chapter 1- Skin disorders in elderly- An Indian overview

Chapter 2- Physiology of Ageing skin-

Chapter-3 Cutaneous manifestations of  skin ageing 

Chapter 4-  Senile Pruritus–  

Chapter 5- Eczemas in elderly

Chapter 6-  Chronic venous insufficiency.

Chapter 7- Infestations in  elderly

 Chapter 8- Viral infections of skin

Chapter 9 - Bacterial infections of skin

Chapter 10- Fungal infections of skin in Elderly

Chapter 11- Genital problems and Sexually transmitted infections

Chapter12- Adverse drug reactions in Elderly

Chapter13 – Environmental dermatoses in Elderly

Chapter 14- Papulosquamous Diseases in Elderly 

Chapter15- Connective tissue diseases in Elderly

Chapter 16- Vesiculobullous disorders

Chapter17 – Aesthetic concerns  and  management in elderly

Chapter 18 - Pigmentary Disorders in elderly

Chapter 19- Tumors of skin

 Chapter 20- Vascular reactions in elderly skin

Chapter 21 Principles of topical drug therapy

Chapter 22- Principles of systemic therapy

Chapter 23- Dermatosurgery and cosmetic procedures  in elderly 

Chapter 25- Nail disorders in elderly

Chapter 26- Hair disorders in elderly

 Chapter 27- Cutaneous manifestations of  Internal malignancy

Chapter 28-  Nursing care for elderly

The editorial team, consisting of Dr Vibhu Mendiratta (Editor), Dr B Leelavathy (Assoc. Editor) and Dr Aarti Sarda and Dr Samipa Mukherjee (Asst. Editors), will select the authors based on their experience in the subject.

Please mail your application (in the attached form) and a brief CV to by 21st AUG  2017.

 Dr Niti Khunger/Dr Sudip Ghosh

IADVL Publications Co-ordinators


Dr. Ameet Valia       Dr. K. A. Seetharam            Dr. Deepika Pandhi

Chairperson             Convener                            Convener Designate 


Dr. Yogesh Marfatia       Dr Ramesh Bhat         Dr. Shyamanta Barua

President                         President Elect           Hon. Secretary General


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