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Dr. Shyamanta Barua


New Year greetings from the IADVL National Secretariat. May the year ahead be a joyous, healthy and successful one for all of you and your near and dear ones !

It will be almost a year since I was installed in this onerous post during DERMACON 2016 at Coimbatore and I must say the sojourn thus far has been most eventful. The year started with collective efforts towards actualizing the dream of having an office of the association, took off with the inauguration of the same and has gone by in streamlining and strengthening the various administrative processes therein.

I am glad that I could execute, with the technical inputs of the web team and support of the EC, the launch of the Online Membership Application System (OMAS) which has drastically transformed submission and processing of membership applications – a major thrust area I had identified after assuming charge of the National Secretariat in April.

The OMAS, integrated to the revamped and contemporary IADVL website, enables one to apply for membership/conversion, get an instant automated acknowledgement of one’s submission, track the status of the submitted application and finally expect to get the membership details in a couple of working days, if not hours!

I take the pleasure of informing you that the membership strength of our Association has crossed the 5-digit mark! IADVL presently has more than 10100 members.

Over 600 membership applications and conversions have been processed since 15th August (when OMAS was launched) and 1st September (when all membership applications became exclusively online). I must place on record the generous support and cooperation of all IADVL State Secretaries towards making this module an unqualified success.

Another initiative undertaken this year has been to fast-track PLM to LM conversions through active campaigns at State Branches and weed out those PLMs who have not bothered to convert to LM even after lapse of 5 years of their provisional membership. The initiative has resulted in over 330 PLMs converting to LMs over the last 4 months.

The next mission is to address the irregularities in our member database and make it a dynamic one. Towards this end, all members (LMs, PLMs, ALMs) are requested to sign up on the website & log in with the password that one created while signing up. Once signed up and logged in, one can build one’s own profile by adding/editing further details (photograph/email/mobile number/address/affiliation etc.); all such details will instantaneously auto-register into the IADVL database integrated to the website. Please browse the FAQ guide for sign-up in the website.

It is relevant to mention that the IADVL National Secretariat has discontinued the offline database and has moved to the web-linked database to ensure ready availability of live data of all members at any point in time and facilitate a much faster updation of all changes in details. Needless to say, this will eliminate any chances of inadvertent omissions and commissions in manual updation that has been the bane of the offline member database since years. Plans are afoot to extend this e-database access to all State Secretariats for their respective members.

The next step in the digital roadmap is to align the IADVL e-database with the IJDVL database maintained by Medknow. I and the web team envisage a digital feed (at mutually decided intervals) of all new memberships and address (and any other relevant detail) changes in our database to the IJDVL one to offset the hassles and errors that plague the present system of manual transfer of the same. This syncing will, hopefully, ensure that non-receipt of journal issues become a thing of the past !

IADVL Goa State Branch was registered this year with 33 members (most of whom migrated from IADVL Maharashtra). Over 500 members of IADVL Andhra Pradesh Branch were made members of IADVL Telangana Branch after due consent and NOC from IADVL Andhra Pradesh.

The IADVL Elections 2016 was an eventful one to say the least. I congratulate and welcome all Incoming EC 2017 members – President Elect Dr. Ramesh Bhat; Vice Presidents Dr. Vijay Zawar and Dr. Vijay Zawar Jt. Secretaries Dr. Akshay Jain and Dr. Tarun Mittal – and look forward to working with them this year. I must also congratulate Team Bengaluru for winning the hosting rights for DERMACON 2019 and wish them the very best.

It is a matter of great pleasure that the City of Joy is once again hosting a DERMACON. On behalf of the IADVL National Executive, I welcome all delegates to Kolkata and wish them an academically and culturally enriching and comfortable stay here. My best wishes to all members of Team Kolkata for a very successful event.

I must thank the three Presidents of EC 2016 – Dr. Devesh Mishra, Dr. Yogesh Marfatia and Dr. Venkataram Mysore – for their sagacious guidance and insightful suggestions that helped solve vexing issues. The Vice Presidents – Dr. B. B. Mahajan and Dr. Anil Ganjoo – lent their experience to several matters and the latter’s dynamism and help towards organising IADVL HQ meetings was outstanding. My special thanks go to our Hon. Treasurer, Dr. Rajib Gogoi, for his financial acumen and meticulous handling of the association’s finances. The Joint Secretaries - Dr. Prabhat Kumar and Dr. Biju Vasudevan - were always there with their cooperation and help with the humongous Secretarial workload. I especially thank Dr. Biju for a wonderful job as the Yahoo e-Groups Coordinator.

I look forward to an enterprising year with the IADVL EC 2017, all IADVL Committees and all IADVL State Branch executives.

Long live IADVL !

Dr. Shyamanta Barua
Honorary Secretary General, IADVL (2016-17)

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