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IADVL Research Grants-2017 - Projects Approved

07 August 2017

Dear All,

The 28 proposals received for these grants were blinded and sent to the members of the IADVL SIG Clinical Trials for their suggestions for improvement. These suggestions were conveyed to the applicants, who were allowed to modify and resubmit their proposals.

The blinded applications were evaluated on 17th June 2017 by a jury composed of the following IADVL Academy members: Dr Yogesh Marfatia (IADVL President); Dr Ramesh Bhat (President Elect); Dr. Shyamanta Barua (Hon. Secretary General); Dr. Ameet Valia (Academy Chairperson); Dr KA Seetharam (Academy Convener); Dr Deepika Pandhi (Convener Designate), Dr Manas Chatterjee (Imm. Past Academy Chairperson), Dr Rashmi Sarkar (Imm.Past Hon. Secretary General), Dr Rajib Gogoi (Hon. Treasurer), Dr Saumya Panda (IJDVL Editor), Dr Sunil Dogra (IDOJ Editor), Dr Niti Khunger, Dr Manas Puhan, Dr Sudhir Nayak, Dr Yasmeen Bhat, Dr Resham Vasani, Dr Timir Mehta, Dr Sandeep Arora and Dr Dinesh Kumar. Members who had a conflict of interest recused themselves from the discussion and the scoring of their projects.

The following six projects were approved subject to changes, which have now been made.

The total amount sanctioned was Rs 20,18,000/-

Sr No Title Investigators Institute Amount sanctioned
1 Survey of number & profile of leprosy patients seen by Dermatologists in India: a prospective nation-wide study. Drs P Narasimha Rao, Sujai Kumar Suneetha, Santoshdev Rathod, Rita Vora, Sunil Dogra, Sunil Kumar Gupta, Vivek V Pai, Prasad KVS, Sunil Ghate,Shyamanta Barua, Pankaj Adhicari Dermlep Survey Secretariat, Hyderabad 3,25,000
2 Determination of antifungal drug susceptibility of dermatophytes and correlation of virulence factors, Immunological response with severity of the Infection. Drs Sankarasubramanian, Anandan, Anupma Kindo, Veena Hemanth. Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 5,00,000
3 A study of RT-PCR quantification of 16S RNA and 18-kDa antigen gene targets in assessing the efficacy of multi-drug therapy in leprosy. Dr Ranuga PSS , Dr MVSS T SubbaRao JSS Medical College and hospital Mysore 4,43,000
4 Estimation of salivary and serum IgG and IgA anti desmoglein antibody levels and to identify HLA driven anti desmoglein reactivities in pemphigus vulgaris patients and their first degree relatives Drs Vinutha Rangappa, Akila Prashanth JSS Medical College And Hospital, Mysore 2,25,000
5 Assessment of efficacy of topical pilocarpine 2% eye-drops in treatment of refractory/ persistent oral lesions of pemphigus vulgaris- a pilot study Drs Sanjeev Handa, Dipankar De, Arnab Pal, Rahul Mahajan PGIMER, Chandigarh 3,00,000
6 Comparison of perfluoro octane with perfluorodecalin for r0 technique of laser tattoo removal Drs Niti Khunger, Kumar Abhishek, Ashok Kumar Saxena. Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjang Hospital, Delhi 2,25,000

The jury's comments on other projects have been conveyed to the other applicants.


Dr Resham Vasani and Dr Yasmeen Bhat
IADVL Research Coordinators (IADVL Academy)

Dr. Ameet Valia

Dr. K. A. Seetharam

Dr. Deepika Pandhi
Chairperson Designate

Dr. Yogesh Marfatia
President IADVL

Dr Ramesh Bhat
President Elect IADVL

Dr. Shyamanta Barua
Hon. Secretary General IADVL

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